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Cheryl Calverley, CMO at Eve Sleep

A psychology graduate, Cheryl has spent her life fascinated by what makes people tick, and makes them do the things they do, and how to interpret the data to get to those answers.

Quite naturally this has lead her to a career in marketing, joining Unilever as a graduate in 2002. There she was lucky enough to work on some of the UK’s most iconic brands, from Marmite and Peperami to Pot Noodle and Axe, learning how to walk the line between love and hate, and drive relevance through triggering reaction. She was the brains behind Guinness Marmite, the brawn behind squeezy Marmite and delighted in convincing the ever middle class, middle aged Unilever leadership team that dwarf fighting, spinning forks and Doner Kebab flavour would help grow Pot Noodle, the slag of all snacks. And it did.

After a stint working globally at Axe, she took the leap to Birdseye, where amongst other things she looked after the ‘crown jewels’, Birdseye peas, and helped bring Clarence the polar bear to life, and the brand to growth.

Now at the AA, she is delighting in the challenge of transforming one of the nation’s most trusted ‘pipe and slippers’ brands into a relevant membership service in a digital age, bringing with it ‘Car Genie – helping make breakdowns a thing of the past’ and a quite remarkable singing baby. |

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