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The Marketing Society Awards set the standard for marketing excellence in the UK and have been widely recognised as the leading marketing awards since they were first launched in 1985.

Our awards are judged by elite marketers who are all working at the leading edge of marketing. Together they represent a cross section of the most successful brands in the UK. The judging panel is led by our President Syl Saller, Executive Coach NED.

We are looking for the work of brands and agencies who can demonstrate the power of marketing excellence on their businesses enabling demonstrable growth and ROI. We will be looking not only for creativity and effectiveness, which is the essence of marketing excellence, but for marketing stories that can inspire us all and make us proud to represent the industry.

Please note our 2023 Awards are now closed for entries. Find out the full list of winners here

This year our panel of esteemed judges will be led by Syl Saller President, The Marketing Society, Executive Coach NED & Chair of Judges. View our full panel of judges here

The awards are an excellent opportunity for brilliant marketing to be recognised in categories such as "Creative Use of Media", "Brand Purpose" and "Marketing for Positive Change" and they also reward people with our Future Leader and Inspirational Marketing Leader awards.

If you're a member of The Marketing Society you can delve into our archive of award-winning papers to see what good looks like, inspire your own entries and plunder as ammunition to prove that marketing excellence drives growth.

Top Tips from Chair of Judges, Syl Saller

  1. Read. Winning is not a dark art - there’s lots of information to help you get this right.
  2. Regale. Tell your story in a captivating way. Think about judges reading through many, many entries that they diligently review– what’s going to stand out?
  3. Rigour. I can’t tell you how important this is. We have a group of judges who can see through the BS and who know what great results look like.
  4. Reuse. Yes, you can enter multiple categories because there may be many things that contribute to a success story – insight, media plans, creative work. But don’t just submit the same case – adapt it so meet the criteria of that particular category.
  5. Right team. It really is worth the small investment of time it takes to write an entry. Just put the right people on it and that is often client and agency working together.


Entries are now closed for our 2023 UK Awards.